Understanding the Costs

What are the costs associated with a funeral?

FM & J Wait are regulated by the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) Code of Practice which ensures we will always:

  • Clearly display our prices within our funeral homes
  • Offer you a range of funerals from our simplest to a more bespoke experience
  • Present you with an itemised estimate of costs based upon your discussion with us
  • Ask you to sign a confirmation document detailing the funeral services agreed to be carried out, with an itemised bill included

The costs associated with a funeral fall into three main categories:

1. Third party fees, also known as disbursements – these are the costs incurred on your behalf by us and are usually paid in advance. They include:

  • Doctor’s Fees associated with the issue of the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death
  • Minister or Celebrant fees
  • Obituary announcements in the local newspaper
  • Crematorium or burial fees
  • Organist at the church
  • Any other costs associated with third parties engaged as part of the funeral ceremony

2. Our professional charges, products and services, detailed under ‘our services’, will be explained and, where charged separately, itemised for you. The bill will be invoiced after the funeral. These will also include the cost of the following, subject to the choices you make:

  • The coffin
  • Floral tributes
  • Transport – hearse and limousines, horse-drawn hearse or bespoke transport
  • Cremated remains caskets
  • Headstones and other memorial products
  • Other bespoke items

3. Other costs associated with any catering or event after the funeral – these are usually paid separately to the venue providing these services, but we will be able to help you in the arrangement of these with local suppliers. Depending upon the number of people, we may be able to cater for an event at our own premises.

The cost of the funeral will obviously vary, based upon the choices you make. For the majority of people cost is not the key determinant, and they will choose a Funeral Director based upon local reputation, recommendation and their own experience and rapport during the initial enquiry stage. If you would like to know what other customers have said about their experience with us, we will be happy to share with you our most recent Quality Assurance score following feedback from customers.

If you are on a low income and need help to pay for the funeral you are arranging, you may be able to get a Funeral Payment from the Social Fund. You might have to repay some or all of it from the estate of the person who died. Visit www.direct.gov.uk and search under Funeral Payments for more information on how to claim, or ask us for advice when discussing your arrangements.